Tips to stay healthy

Tips to stay healthy



*Eat not only to stay alive, but also to stay beautiful and healthy


*Eating the same everyday is not only boring, but the body has to keep away many essential elements, change food every day and eat sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins! It is better to eat a small amount at a few intervals at a time


*Take care of sufficient amount of fiber in food. Especially in breakfast any kind of cereal, wheat bread, maize, fruit and curd are good choices, it helps to improve the stomach, cleanse and also include fruits in the breakfast, it increases the body’s ability to fight against diseases.


*it is necessary to have enough quantity of fruits and vegetables in the food. Many diseases can be avoided by keeping the level of sugar in the body right. Many vegetables have been found to reduce the risk of cancer.Keeps you away from diseases like allergies or asthma.


*Fast food or canned food should be avoided as much as possible, they contain high amount of sugar and may have many harmful ingredients, according to scientists, they increase the risk of asthma in children by 40%, good eating habits should be ingested from a young age.


*Include milk in the diet, try to eat fish, meat and even at least twice a week, fish contains omega 3 fatty acids which helps to remove old age, women have many more benefits.

*Drink at least two to three liters of pani daily, avoid drinks like readymade drinks like cola or other soda.