Every artist knows there are hundreds of different “tools” available that make o…

Every artist knows there are hundreds of different “tools” available that make our jobs a little easier. These are a few of my tools. You may remember that my sweet son gave me a unicorn yarn bowl for Mother’s Day this year and I love it so much! It helps me because I can leave my yarn in the bowl while I crochet and it doesn’t roll away, my yarn doesn’t tangle nearly as often as it used to, and the most important… This yarn bowl is adorable and makes me smile every day! Bonus: my cats stay away from my yarn because it’s no longer tempting to chase the ball around! My next favorite tool is a needle minder. I am always losing my darning needles and I’ve struggled with a way to keep them safely secure, but still easily accessible while I work. Enter the needle minder. I have a plastic one from Walmart, but it’s not pretty to look at and honestly, it’s too big for what I use it for. Recently, I searched the internet looking for cute, fun, functional needle minders and I quickly found @a_stitch_in_time_by_carla. She makes needle minders and they are too cute for words! I reached out to her and she created the cutest little needle minder for me! She was even able to make it to match the yarn bowl my son gave me right down to the eyelashes and rosy cheeks!! One more thing to smile at while I stitch. A small things to most people, but a big one to me. I use my hobby to help fight anxiety disorder and mental illness and having pretty tools makes everything better! Thank you so much Carla for this sweet little unicorn! 💓 #crochetlife #crochettools #needleminder #crochetersofinstagram #yarnlove #unicorns

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