This Ariel set is filled with Under the Sea splendor! . . This beautiful set ec…

This Ariel set is filled with Under the Sea splendor! 🦀🐠🍴 . . This beautiful set echos the majesty and splendor of or iconic undersea princess! This one of a kind Ariel set was inspired by the Limited Edition Doll released by @shopdisney during their marketing campaign for the diamond edition release of The Little Mermaid. This doll has been a treasured keepsake of mine for years and I’ve always wanted to create a look based on the costume. I had an epiphany that my new Ariel fin from @the_mernation was the perfect shade of teal to match the Limited Edition doll’s design and since I was going to debut Ariel for the first time at a recent gig, it was perfect timing to craft a new set! ✨ . . . This set is insanely sparkling, studded with hand placed Swarovski crystals, and pearlized hues and colors to really capture the texture of the dolls design. I went with traditional lion’s paw scallops to mimic Ariel’s signature shells but added a touch of whimsy and realism with the metallic gold tones and champagne under colors. This piece’s centerpiece is the iconic snail/ mollusk shell that Ursula uses to capture Ariel’s beautiful singing voice. ✨ . . . The starfish piece is a real knobby star that was painted and beaded. The florals dangling from it feature sparkly tendrils that really glisten in the light. I added some well placed crystals, bubbles and pearls for an undersea aesthetic! ✨ . . . Want a piece of your own? We’re still taking custom orders before we close our custom work in October. We’ll be crafting up a storm in preparation for a Black Friday Stock! ✨ Keep your eyes peeled for any previews! ✨ . . . . #mermaid #mermaidshop #mermaidaccessories #shellbra #mermaidtops #beachfashion #beachbabes #magicinthewater #shopsmallbusiness #etsy #nautical #oceanminded #oceanconservation #starfishandseashells #thelittlemermaid #ariel #partofyourworld #limitededitiondisneydoll #ariellimiteddoll #handmade #costuming #costumedesign

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